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Medi Interim International Recruitment

Because only together we are meaningful to others and are able to increase the care capacity of the Netherlands.

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International Recruitment

Medi Interim was founded 40 years ago by employees and professionals active in the healthcare sector. Until recently we solely focused on Dutch clients and candidates in the healthcare market. Since 2022 we source and educate European Healthcare talent for healthcare jobs in the Netherlands. Medi Interim is part of Recruit, a solid international company listed at the Tokyo stock exchange. Our mission is: opportunities for live, faster, simpler and closer to you and that is exactly what we aim to offer our international talent.


Our 3-step process: 

Because the care employees go through an intensive process in advance, with lessons in Dutch language and culture, a great commitment has already been created the moment they come to the Netherlands. Also, they have a realistic picture of the situation they can expect.



Mapping customer needs, recruitment of healthcare professionals, interview, agreement.


Start of training Dutch (course), online meetings with team members, minimal B1 Dutch certification.

Coaching and counseling

Onboarding at institution, housing, jobcoach and resourcemanager, create a warm welcome.


The services of Medi Interim

Werken bij een buitenschoolse opvang kan via Medi Interim

What does Medi Interim mean for its clients?

With a unique combination of services and flexible deployment of healthcare employees, we always offer suitable future-proof solutions for health issues or personnel issues. We enable our clients to focus on their core activities and unburden teams where necessary. We respond to changes in healthcare and keep our clients flexible and agile.


Contact us:

Call us: +31 36 529 92 55

"I experienced the implementation process prior to our collaboration as very good and customer-friendly. The communication, experience and expertise of the employees involved contributed to this."

Petra Staijen - Manager Aveleijn

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